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Since 2013, FACT has achieved great success exposing manipulators and destructive groups, helping victims escape exploitive situations, rescuing abused minors, reuniting families and more. We have also proudly achieved the Platinum Level Award from Guidestar (the highest rating possible from this charity evaluator) because of our complete transparency and accountability, meaning we are an organization you can trust. 100% of your donation goes toward these four mission objectives:

• Victim support for minors and adults in high-control / demand groups
• Education in schools and online to inform and warn students about destructive groups
• Providing guidance and support to families of victims
• Exposing destructive groups and working within the law to hold them accountable

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Receive five packets of educational materials with free shipping. Share with your family and friends; educate everyone you know about the dangers of destructive groups, undue influence, recruitment and indoctrination practices and more.

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