The Jerry Stocking Expose

Initially we would like to state the following: the purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm Jerry Stocking in any way; it is to bring awareness, to educate the public and to potentially change his allegedly damaging practices so that no one might be hurt in the future. This published report details our opinion and belief based upon the highly documented allegations in our possession.

We of course encourage all opposing views and welcome all new information / evidence at any time. If you have any information about Jerry Stocking that you would like to share, either positive or negative, please
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FACT received complaints about self-improvement education teacher Jerry Stocking who lives in Clarksville, GA. According to his website, he offers courses to help people become more ‘present’ in life, which he states as the key to making more money, losing weight and more. The allegations against Mr. Stocking are very serious, including the misuse of hypnosis and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) on his students. According to some of the allegations, Jerry Stocking seems to be using these hypnotic therapies we believe as a method for controlling people. For example, from a complaint we received, a quote from an alleged victim of Stocking:

“In my experience he is using Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, (NLP) to covertly implant suggestions, induced trances, and similar and allied techniques, in an unethical fashion, for his personal, sexual, and monetary benefit.”

Another quote from a family member who believes her relative is under Stocking’s control: “Jerry wants [name removed] under his hypnotic control. Same trick over and over. That’s how he lured [name removed]… Jerry needs to start some hypnotic coercion and make [name removed] believe he/Jerry did not abuse / molest or rape her, it was her [name removed] own wish.”

We also received complaints that allege the following about Stocking’s use of acquired personal information from his students:

“I have experienced his [Jerry Stocking] gathering of confidential personal information, and manipulating it, and the persons whom that information concerns, for his own personal, sexual, and monetary benefit.”

“I was listening to a group call run by Jerry when [name removed] expressed his anger. According to [name removed], Jerry had used personal information that [name removed] had confided to Jerry about [name removed] family, etc. in a public way. Jerry denied it, and tried to get [name removed] "in ine". Uncharacteristically, [name removed] persisted! ([name removed] is a tough little man, but Stocking has a talent for shutting people down and controlling the situation, using techniques derived from NLP pattern interruption, hypnosis, and peer/public pressure and embarrassment, etc.)”

A psychology today article published online called “Why do people join Cults?” has numerous negative comments about Jerry Stocking, including the ones below that seem to lend insight into what we believe are Jerry’s manipulation and indoctrination practices:

1) “Jerry Stocking spurious NPL /hypnosis ‘Transformation’ seminars are a poison cocktail for the gullible. Jerry applies NLP/Hypnosis overtly/covertly to induce trances altering state of awareness/consciousness. Once hypnotic trance took place any post hypnotic deceitful, false suggestion can be implanted in your mind and you will obey it as true. Suggestions are repeated –‘brainwash’ until submission, but you will appear normal. Induced trances generated delusions in Jerry’s cult to ‘Wake Up The World’, hypnotic illusion of closeness, trust in Jerry’s phony ‘Love Bombs’, coercive persuasion, trickery, deception, abuse and exploitation. Cults are money machines; the bottom line is cost/benefit ratio. Trance- formation induction modus operandi serves Jerry’s indoctrination mind-control for moneymaking.”

2) “I saw first hand how, Jerry Stocking love bombed [name removed]. Flattery, all kinds of special attention, and later in their relationship, and no surprise to anyone who has observed Jerry's game before, a very very close "personal" relationship. Mind you there was more than a 30 year difference in their ages. She hardly made a move without his input or approval. She changed her hairstyle to suit him, chose new friends from his ‘students’ to please him, and dropped others at the mere hint that Jerry didn't approve of them. Indeed, she expressed pride that she was ‘in the inner circle’. And who wouldn't? Jerry Stocking is, to say the least, a powerfully persuasive person. An excellent hypnotist, and superb practitioner of NLP.

3) “Jerry used his courses as a cover –up for evil, deceiving the heart (mind) of naïve women sexually exploiting almost every attractive woman. Smooth talk, flattery combined with hypnotic meditation made us all victims of deception for many, many years. Jerry’s courses were fabrications of ‘glowing words’. The outcome of the ‘glow’ course was, women heavily hypnotized appeared drugged, camouflaged as if discovered ‘new levels’ of themselves. (As in above posts Capital letters would emphasize DECEPTION) DECEPTION: Jerry’s ‘new levels’ were not meant to discover anything but hide “deeper and deeper levels” of a dangerous hypnosis ‘focused attention’ on Jerry’s voice to play with our lives, erase good memories with husband, wife, boyfriend, family and replace it with delusional, negative stories about others mixed with suggestions to trust, love him and spend more money on junk courses. Jim Kessinger Portland Oregon did not like the conduct of his wife Peggy Kessinger during the ‘glow’ course. How Peggy was drawn to Jerry and away from him. How he, Jim, became a by stander in Jerry’s games and fooled him. Peggy Kessinger was so misguided she became Jerry’s enabler (for profit), bringing women to Jerry knowing he would sexually exploit them or her. Jim Kessinger did not get what friends in our group already know: Jerry Stocking is about separating families, relationships masking his hypnotic face with ‘love’.”

To read more of the complaints against Jerry Stocking posted under this article, please visit this web address:

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sideways-view/201402/why-do-people-join-cults

Stocking is also an author of numerous articles published by the ‘Elephant Journal’, an independent online publication. His articles mainly focus on the subjects of love, romance and relationships, with an obvious focus on sex. Very recently, he wrote an article where he admits to having paid women for sex through an “arrangement” website.

Some excerpts from his article:

“…I signed up for the arrangement site with zeal. In the first 24 hours, I emailed 23 women, most of them less than half my age…”

“In that month, I had three meetings with women, the rest turned out to be various flavors of unavailable or disinteresting.”

“I paid her for one month but only used her services twice. We remain in contact via text and email, corresponding much as an older, perhaps wiser, man and a younger, enthusiastic woman.”

“I won’t be on the site again, though the idea of it still tickles me, as does the idea of paying a certain, set amount for sex with someone I like but don’t want a long-term romantic relationship with.”

In our opinion, we believe no self-help teacher should be promoting the idea of a sex for money arrangement website, which is basically a modern day platform for prostitution. In our opinion, we believe his article shows his regard for women as mere sex objects for his own carnal gratifications.

Specific Article:


Jerry Stocking also has numerous videos on Youtube, which you can view on his Youtube Channel located here:


His company called ‘A Choice Experience’ is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of self-improvement education (as listed on his Guidestar.org profile). Through his 501c3, he is believed to be charging students for all of his self-improvement courses about $600 - $900 per course, and $95 per hour for private coaching / counseling. We question the validity of Jerry’s 501c3 since we believe it seems that he is using it for his own personal profit and in our opinion not for altruistically helping the public. We will be forwarding all of our information to the IRS and Treasury Department for their analysis to verify the legitimacy of his 501c3 non-profit organization. 
We contacted Mr. Stocking for his side of the story multiple times, and were able to speak with him on only one occasion. During our phone call, he denied the allegations, but also said that he has had thousands upon thousands of people take his courses, and the fact that several people have complained about him does not surprise him.  He stated that he has “never crossed any boundaries with people.” Unfortunately people who have studied with Mr. Stocking allege otherwise, and claim to have been damaged by him. For example from a complaint we received, “Mr. Stocking’s behaviors have led to great personal pain and suffering, which I experience even presently.”
Another example from a letter that was written to Jerry Stocking that was brought to our attention:
“What you left inside of ------- is unconscionable.  You are supposed to be caring for other beings by merging with them at the level of their suffering and taking responsibility for what you find - no matter what you find.  If you find sorrow then you work through that as your own.  If you find lust then you work through that as your own.  If you find greed then you work through that as your own.  You work through these things and free yourself then you have their liberation - the liberation you offer and that they are entitled to by coming to you. I felt into her pain Jerry and you have been physically and emotionally abusive to her.  You should feel honored in your capacity to serve another and above all humbled in the presence of those that come to you. Every single one of them. There is a clear distinction between cherishing another's soul and everything else. If she was not your client then she would be an equal participant. But she is.”
As per the allegations against Jerry Stocking, we believe his behavior is unethical to say the least. In our opinion according to the complaints, we believe he could be taking advantage of the inherent trust between student and teacher to manipulate and possibly exploit his followers in various ways. One victim has stated that in her experience and observation, Stocking’s behavior has led to “financial strain, the dissolution of friendships and intimate loving relationships, and has driven deep wedges between friends of mine and their families.” This victim goes on to state, “I believe the above described behaviors on the part of Jerry Stocking to be unethical, and dangerous...”
A final quote from an alleged victim of Stocking, posted as a comment on the
Psychology Today article mentioned previously:
“Many of us ‘Woke Up’ and admitted we were blinded, fooled or just plain idiots to trust Jerry. Some of us are still too fearful or prefer to remain idiots who believe Jerry helped despite breaking up relationships, drugs, sending to ‘exile’ another delusional abnormal game, exploiting, leaving many with personal loneliness as never before, while all issues could be resolved by consulting a well reputed psychiatrists or a PhD psychologist who will not abuse hypnosis just for profit.”
(To restate: the purpose of this expose is to warn, educate, potentially save lives and to protect any potential future victims. It is absolutely not intended to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in the expose, especially Mr. Stocking.)
If you believe you have been harmed by Jerry Stocking in any way and would like to file a complaint against him, or if you have anything to share either positive or negative regarding him or his business, please visit our
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