Dear Supporters of F.A.C.T, Inc,

Since 2012, the year we established F.A.C.T as a non-profit 501 C-3 organization,
we have assisted thousands of families and their loved ones who had been affected
by various cults. We are very proud to acknowledge those in the organization who
turned nights to days and days to nights in order to return family members back
to their loved ones. We managed to put out of business certain cult leaders and we were
also instrumental in helping the law enforcement and judicial systems bring justice
against those dangerous psychopaths and sociopaths.

We have come to the conclusion that
at this point we have no choice but to change course and pass the torch to carry out our
original mission to Janette Allen. She has worked with F.A.C.T., Inc for several years
directly working with family members and victims.

For further consultation and assistance, we recommend contacting
Janette Allen at

As such we will cease our 501C3 solicitation for donations as of immediately.
We believe that Janette with her experience in working with F.A.C.T., will be
able to advise all those who need help in dealing with terrible cults and their
leaders and hopefully she will be able to assist you in bringing your loved ones back home.

Thank you so very much for your past support and we wish you all the best!

Thank you,
Tibor Stern
President, F.A.C.T., Inc.