Dear Supporters of F.A.C.T, Inc,
We have come to the conclusion that at this point we have no choice but to change course and pass the torch to carry out our original mission to Janette Allen. She has worked with F.A.C.T., Inc for several years directly working with family members and victims.
and educating For further consultation and assistance, we recommend contacting Janette Allen at www.CultConsultant.org.
As such we will cease our 501C3 solicitation for donations as of immediately.We believe that Janette with her experience in working with F.A.C.T., will be able to advise all those who need help in dealing with terrible cults and their leaders and hopefully she will be able to assist you in bringing your loved ones back home.

Thank you so very much for your past support and we wish you all the best!
Thank you,
Tibor Stern
President, F.A.C.T., Inc.

Our organization has compiled an excellent resource file for victims, families, and educators, which you may
read and download here.

Also, please check out our News Blog page to read about our most recent activities, achievements, and exposes.
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  • • Victim support for minors and adults in high-control / demand groups
  • • Education in schools and online to inform and warn students about destructive groups
  • • Providing guidance and support to families of victims
  • Exposure and working within the law to hold criminal groups accountable
  • • Conducting investigative research on destructive groups
  • • Creating and distributing educational awareness materials
  • • Monitoring of news sources and sharing the information with the public
  • • Holding anti-cult events to raise awareness with the general public


F.A.C.T. is represented by the highly esteemed Kevin S. Taylor, Esq., located in Denver, CO, who has generously donated his talent, time, and resources to help in any way needed. His list of accomplishments is long and distinguished having completed more than 100 jury trials and serving as national trial counsel and national monitoring counsel for various companies, in addition to many other career achievements.

F.A.C.T. would also like to thank our great friend
Michael Goldberg (from the prestigious Akerman Law Firm) for his humanitarian contribution to our cause, as well as Ronnette Gleizer Esq. and Marc Postelnek, Esq.

In addition, we would like to thank
Walter G. "Skip" Campbell of the prestigious Krupnick Campbell Malone law firm for his great support. His law firm handles personal injury, wrongful death, and many other areas of practice. For more information about Mr. Campbell and his firm, please visit his website.






No one ever gets trapped in a high-control group of their own free will. Initially, victims innocently join what they believe to be reputable church, a non-profit trying to save the oceans, a self-help group, or attend yoga classes…a child on the street gets pulled into a sex trafficking ring or an unsuspecting student gets recruited on their school campus. It can happen to anyone anywhere, but usually occurs at a time when a person is undergoing a dramatic change in their life, e.g. a job loss, divorce, going off to college, and many other stressful and unsettling situations.

If you know someone trapped in a destructive group and need help getting them out, please visit our support page. For any emergency, please contact 911 immediately.
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